xApi setup and samples

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Working on some ideas for the contest and sharing for the greater good here, i downloaded John's xApi samples to see how to get data gathered by an LRS back into Lectora to use in the current course.

After some tests on our LMS/LRS ( TalentLMS ) and on ScormCloud i noticed the samples from John embed the data from the LRS in an external HTML.

The question at hand now is...

Can i access specific xApi data directly ? If i just want some specific values ?

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  • t_johnb
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    Yes you can. The JavaScript libraries that are used in that example are from the ADL, and they allow you to pull data from the LRS. The sample is pulling specific verbs from the LRS.

    You can find documentation about how to use those libraries, and a whole lot more at the ADL's Github site:


    There is a more updated version of the xAPIWrapper library there you should probably start with as well

    - John
  • mnotermans5114
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    Thx John, will dive onto it. Actually working on another sample that pulls and writes live data for a question on the forum about a 'journal'. Uploading that when done, I am sure you will like it ;-)
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    Hello John,

    I'm interested to hear of any new progress re pulling LRS data back into a Lectora title.

    Also a couple questions:
    • Does the "The JavaScript libraries" refer to the standard Lectora xAPI wrapper? Or did you replace with a different one from ADL?
    • Are there sample files available somewhere?
    Thanks so much!