Can you print out a test with the correct answers?

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I have a test with over 200 questions, and I am trying to print out all of the test questions with their correct answers (to verify they have been entered correctly).  Is there a way to do this?  I tried exporting to xml, but that is too hard to read. I also tried printing to Outline format, but the correct answers were not marked.  I see the import test from .cvs, is there an export to .cvs?



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    This is probably too simplistic an answer, but can you not just select Show Test Results under the Results tab, run through the course, take the assessment and all of your questions and answers will display, from there you can just copy and paste into a doc. I used this as my answer key.
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    Here's a similar thread talking about printing pages that might be helpful:
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    jg58 - You can copy and paste the test results into another document (if you publish to HTML - does not work if publishing to .exe), but I was looking for the questions and all answer choices (forgot to mention this) along with the correct answer in one place. There might be options in Custom Test Results for this, but there are too many questions in the test to use this option.

    I ended up turning off the randomly selected pages for each test section, turning off the branching test sections, going through the whole test, and copying the test results to another file.  I used a different file for the test question/answer choices from previous documentation.

    Thank you for your responses!
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    G'day Max,

    I can see that you have an answer, however, I just read your post today and threw together a small routine to display all of the questions in a Lectora Title.  The display is in very basic tables, however, it will show all questions.  The current supported question types are:

    Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True or False and Fill in the Blank

    All other question types are shown, however, the answer data is not displayed as it stops at the "Question Type" e.g.: Question Type: matching - Not supported.

    Take look at:

    Let me know if this is of use and I will put in the "Share" sections.

    BTW I have only tested this using Chrome.

    Regards, Peter
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    You can actually import the entire test into Excel and see the settings for every question if you publish to SCORM. In the zipped file, you'll find an XML file (called something like _tobj2770.xml) . Extract it to someplace where you can locate it easily. Then open up Excel and click the Data tab. The fourth item from the left in the Get External Data group should be "From Other Sources" . From that memu choose "From XML Data Import".