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I am looking to create an Online Journal for a program.  This "journal" would allow the learner to document what they learned from an ILT course, document ways they plan to apply the knowledge, and come back later to document how they actually applied it.  The journal should be able to be printed it the learner desires.  Does anybody have a template that could be shared or tips on the best way to create?





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    I like this idea!  I am following to see the answer.
  • mnotermans5114
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    Sounds interesting. Can you elaborate a bit more about the options that the journal should have ?
    Eg. only visible for the actual learner...or visible to all learners in a group/course ?
    What needs to be saved...etc.
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    Commenting to see the suggestions :)
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    For something small you may be able to start by using the idea of a "notes" page that Deron was looking to make printable. You would have to add the whole thing to a variable that is saved between sessions.  However, I think most LMS limit the amount of data that can be saved and recalled between sessions.

    Something bigger would probably require something more complicated like saving to and reading from an XML file and maybe even using a separate database. Sorry, I'm thinking aloud.
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    Thinking along the lines Darrel suggesting... but with the twist of xApi and LRS for saving/reading the data...
  • switalba
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    Thank you for responding.  We would like for the learner to be able to print the journal in a readable format (see attached for a rough draft).  The learner would be able to come back to the journal for continue filling out the form, change information, so the information would need to be saved between sessions.

    It would be awesome if a status of some sort could be sent to the LMS basically saying if a portion has data or not so a report could be ran off it, but I might be dreaming right now.  Hey no dream is too big, right?

    It would only be visible to the learner at this point, but I like the idea of sharing somehow.
  • switalba
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    For the time being, would using a Fill-in-blank question to capture the answers and then have the learner print it in a form be a solution?  I might be over simplifying this but just trying to find a solution.  Any thoughts?
  • mnotermans5114
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    Yes, that might work. If you retain the answer and keep it editable if might work like that.
    Also i am not sure whether you are bound to a specific LMS, because the choice in that might help too.
    I use TalentLMS a lot ( ) and inthere a lot of options to add. Like discussions you can start and more. Furthermore you can link TalentLMS to Wordpress or Drupal, thus enhancing your options to add anything you need.