OnDonePlay not firing

tbrodowski6367 Community Member Posts: 31
I've set up a title with 4 videos and forced them to be HTML5 videos on output.  Videos should play in succession, and each video has an action OnDonePlay>Play "video name".  I've published the title with the debug window and I don't see those actions firing.  Am I doing something wrong?  Title is attached.


  • klaatu
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    Hi Tom. Not sure why it doesn't work as is, however, here's a fix. I deleted the onDonePlay actions you have set up. I then brought each video into the video editor tool (right click the video - edit) and added an event at the very end. I then used sync events on each to play the following video. Works like a charm. Cool video effects. Hope this helps.


  • tbrodowski6367
    tbrodowski6367 Community Member Posts: 31
    Thank you Darrel, creating cue points/sync events was my original idea, but I will have a lot of these videos to process and I thought the action would have been quicker and more efficient.

    Thanks again,

  • ssneg
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    I tested this in a number of browsers and I can confirm it does not work anywhere except in Preview mode in Lectora. Very puzzling.
  • tbrodowski6367
    tbrodowski6367 Community Member Posts: 31
    It seems to break for HTML 5 video only.  If I leave it as a default (flash) it works without any issues.