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How close together can events be added to videos? I have a long title, so have made it two text boxes. Would like them both to appear at the same time in a video. Putting two events at the same time did not seem to work, but even 0.50 second apart did not appear to work either. Ideas anyone?


  • timk
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    I don't know how close events can be together. Technically it should be possible to add an event every .1 seconds. But if you want actions to happen at the same time you should use the same event as a trigger.

    Two ways exist to achieve that:

    1. Group the textfields and use the one event to show the group instead of the separate textfields.

    2. Group the actions to show the two textfields. Add a group to the page and add two actions to it, to show both the textfields. Then use one event to "Run action group" and select this group. This is usually the better way, esp. if you want different actions to happen at the same time. A group may contain all the different types of actions you need and as many as you want.

  • klaatu
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    I did a quick test. The attached video has 3 pages. The first page has events being fired off in one second intervals. The next page has events firing off in half-second intervals. The last page duplicates the second page but I inserted an additional event to fire off one-quarter of a second after the half-second events.

    Note that you can set multiple events (any number) to occur at the same exact time. In my experiments I also set up events to fire off as fast as :02 seconds apart however they are pretty much perceived as coming in at the same time (unless you're Spiderman).
  • klaatu
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    In the attached example I have two text boxes appearing at 2:04 and a third at 2:05.

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    I was going to offer the same suggestion as Tim K where you group the text boxes together and have them shown using one action.
  • jabc
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    Thanks to all of you! I was editing my video, but failing to also Sync the events. (It was a long day yesterday!) And, I learned something: You CAN add more than one event to the same exact video timing and it will work! No need for grouping actions on text boxes. All working great now!
  • mnotermans5114
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    Actually grouping actions into an action group is in a lot of cases better.
    Imagine you want to add some action to occur in the same line of events...
    Or want exact the same set of actions to happen on other parts of your project.
    In all these cases it works better to group actions into an actiongroup and call them alltogether with one action run_actiongroup. Also when you need a reset or undo option... copy the actiongroup, and reverse all the actions in it... and bingo you have a reset or undoGroup

    my 5 cents ;-)

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks, Math!