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Hi All,

Reasonably new to Lectora, currently using Aspire 16.0.2. I am constantly receiving errors that there has been a problem saving and any unsaved work will be lost. When I try to save it crashes. Any one else experienced this ??



  • jvalley4735
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    Welcome to Lectora! My name is Jennifer Valley and I'm the Community Manager for the site.  If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns please feel free to private message me. I hope that you've found the Community easy to use and helpful for all your adventures.

    I suspect it has to do with your computer specs.  Lectora is a quite a hefty program and when I had a "lesser" computer it would stall as well.  Does your computer meet the spec requirements? .If not I would reduce the number of applications you have running in tandum to free up RAM, memory and CPU.

    If you do exit Lectora without being able to save there's an option to set the auto save feature.  To access it you'll

    1. Select Save Options from the File ribbon.
    2. Ensure that the Enable Auto Save check box is enabled. Use Save every n
    minutes to specify how often you want your title to be automatically saved.
    3. If the Use recovery file for Auto Save option is selected, the program will not overwrite
    the original .awt title, but instead save it to a temporary file, which is identified
    by a tilde (~), at each time interval specified. When you save the title, the program
    deletes the original .awt file in the directory and renames the temporary file.
    If Use recovery file for Auto Save option is not selected, the program saves to the
    original file at each time interval specified.