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Hi ,

I have inserted a mp4 video in Lectora 16 and I would like to stop it by pressing a button. It should work with an action on the button: on click -> Stop -> Video, but it does not work with Chrome (it works fine with Internet Explorer and Firefox). We are running the content from local files (not LMS).

What could I do to stop a video in Chrome with a button?

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  • timk
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    I can imagine two reasons why this may happen:

    1. Check whether it's working in a different browser. There may be issues with the flash player security setting when using it locally. If it's not working visit the adobe website to modify the security settings. If it's working...

    2. Chrome is handling things differently when the files are opened on the local machine. You should check whether it's working online.

  • ssneg
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    Yep, try in Chrome on web, if it works, then the problem is that Chrome behaves differently when opening local files, as Tim said. And you can run Chrome locally with switches ( to force lower security.