Issues publishing with Test Chapter

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I've recently ran into an issue in Lectora 11.2a where courses published with a Test chapter will not open when published as HTML files.

When the index.html is opened, the "Loading Title" screen will appear, and nothing will happen.

Upon removing the test chapter and republishing, they will work again. This seems not only a issue with existing courses, as brand new courses with nothing but the test chapter show the same issue.

Browsers tested are IE 11 and Firefox.

Inspecting with IE developer tools, it appears the Trivantis Javascript is throwing an error when trying to execute "nl.normalise()"

Oddly enough, if I publish as a SCORM object and place it on the LMS, I will not run into this problem and everything will work correctly. If I run the SCORM version locally through the ADL Suite however, it will have the same issue.

Any ideas? It seems the issue may be with the Javascript Title Manager. When republishing as HTML,if I unselect the "Include Title Manager Frame" checkbox it appears to work fine. For the interim I may be able to publish a HTML version without the titleframe and a SCORM version with it - but I'd prefer to make them as identical as possible.


  • t_johnb
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    It will run when published as HTML, but when run from a Web server rather than the local file system. Looks like you cannot load the test XML file when running from the file system. Are you intending on running a test without it being on a Web Server?

    The "Title Manager Frame" option just determines whether the Title Manager loads in a frame, or only on the pages that need it. The JavaScript Title Manager is still used in the exact same way. The error would occur later when you got to the test, and it needed to load the test file.