Convert page names to short ID-based names ISSUE

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My client is asking me to do this:

"Also, I noticed that page names are being converted to sort ID - based names. Can you please turn of this option and shorten page names in Title Explorer? Otherwise, assessment  bookmarking is not going to work properly."

When I publish to Scorm 2004, I am not able to turn off Short names. (The option is Greyed out.)

1./ Some of the text names are French in the Title Explorer and I found this note in the Help:
<p class="x_p1">"Convert page names to short ID-based names</p>
<p class="x_p1">This option will only default as selected when the program encounters a page name with a multi-byte international character. This option will use the page’s unique internal number so that the generated HTML page names are compatible with Web browsers."</p>
<p class="x_p1">Are the French Characters in the page titles "multi-byte international character" and is taht what is causing this option to be grayed out?</p>
<p class="x_p1">2./ What are the limits of Page/Chapter titles name lengths limits? Are long names causing thsi option not to be select-able?</p>


  • timk
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    I've tested with some french characters in the page name and I can uncheck "Convert page names...". It'd probably be better to get rid of them anyway, because new issues may come up with a page / filename like "précautions.html" once it's online.

    Lectora names the files in the way AssignableUnitName_ChapterName_SectionName_PageName.html. Whenever this results in two files having the same name the option to "Convert page names" can't be unchecked. If you want to uncheck it you mustn't have two pages with the same name, unless they are in different sections or chapters.