Edit template for AICC files to make compatible with Cornerstone

For AICC, is it possible to customize the template for the .au and .crs files? Right now in the .au file the value in File_Name field is ..\a001index.html. Every time we publish a course AICC compliant to the LMS (Cornerstone), we have to edit the published .au file to delete the leading characters:  ..\     Also for Time_Limit_Action field the value “Continue,no message” is in quotations and these must be removed each time.
Likewise, for the .crs file the value in Version field must be changed.  If it is a new course, value is always changed to 1 and the space after equal sign removed so it does not impact editing the course Learning Objects in Cornerstone. An example of what the version line should look like for new course is, Version =1.0
So, is there an ability to edit the template that creates these files?