Meridian LMS doesn't work well with Lectora courses

We recently implemented Meridian as our LMS but keep experiencing issues with our courses developed in Lectora. (We have no issues with our courses built in Storyline.) Meridian doesn't seem to like the AICC variables when we publish to SCORM. We were receiving LMSSetValue errors, which Meridian reported they experience frequently with Lectora courses. Meridian gave us a snippet of code to add to the "scofunctions" file to correct these errors, which seem to be most commonly associated with tests.

We are now experiencing an issue where we cannot use percent signs in our Lectora courses as, according to Meridian, it's throwing Javascript errors. This causes the page to not load, so users are presented with a white screen and cannot proceed in the course. As an organization that serves the investment industry, not using a percent sign is impossible for us! This issue is associated with courses developed in v12. We've just upgraded to v16, and we cannot get the issue to resolve itself.

I'm throwing this out there in case anyone else has had similar experiences. Should v16 eradicate the variable issues? Why would a percent sign throw an error? Does anyone have any workarounds so that we can continue to use these courses? Thanks so much!


  • dlueken
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    Hi Bobbi,

    I spoke with our support team to see if they had any record of the issues you are having with Meridian.  They were checking into it and will be contacting you via email as soon as possible to make sure we have a support ticket and get all of the details correct in order to address it.

    I am also very interested in knowing more about the issue with the percent sign.  You are absolutely correct that percent signs need to be supported correctly and we want to correct it if you are not.  If you can provide the title or a library object that shows the error to our support team, it would really help us narrow down and fix the issue.

    If you have questions or in case you don't hear from support because of an incorrect email address, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


  • bvernon8263
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    Thank you for following up, Darin. I'll share content with you via the support ticket that was opened.