Chrome + responsive mode issue

usarabia6407 Community Member Posts: 3

We have found the following issue:

We want to show a title page in a web window with the responsive mode (sensitive title checked), but we found a problem. Web window appears without content. This only happens using Chrome.

We have the same problem when showing a page in a pop up window using “Show page in pop up window” action.

I appreciate any suggestions to solve this. Thank you very much!


  • jvalley4735
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    Are you able to provide a copy of the files to investigate further?
  • t_johnb
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    Actually, try and run the title from a Web server rather than just from the file system. Chrome has a lot of restrictions on things that it allows you to do when launching a "local" file.

    I was able to repeat the problem with Chrome when just clicking on the HTML file, but when I loaded it to a web server (or LMS) it worked fine. This is the case with a lot of things in Chrome and local files, and now also with Microsoft's Edge browser, as it uses the same code base as Chrome.
  • klaatu
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    I suggest all authors install a local server, such as WAMP. This will allow you to test all features in any browser just as if you had uploaded it to a server. Not only is this a huge time saver but you can also test on any mobile device with just a few easy to make modifications. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll write up detailed instructions.

  • usarabia6407
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    Thank you very much John and Darrel!

    The problem is content we are working in will be launched offline from local files in a tablet.

    The content works fine with Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

    Do you think it could be solved with Lectora specific settings? Or is it something that can be only solved by changing settings in Chrome or tablets?