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Does anyone have experience building Lectora content for the MindFlash LMS?  I've got a client attempting to import my courses (SCORM 1.2) into that system.  The courses import without error, but when launched, the content is all jumbled.  It looks like the CSS or some other scripting is being stopped from running.  I've published the content in a variety of ways (AJAX, Java, same/different window as LMS...and many others) without success.

MindFlash says it supports Storyline and Captivate SCORM content, and sure enough, if I import one of my Storyline titles, it works as expected.

Thanks in advance!


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    For some reason, MindFlash does not return 'true' to Lectora's LMS calls, and therefore Lectora's "D.toString()" function fails when D is not defined. I edited Lectora's apiwrapper11.js to avoid that but then MindFlash tried to do a cross-domain call to CloudFront, which didn't work and failed, and the script stopped. So I confirm that MindFlash doesn't support Lectora (LO3 at least) but I suspect this might be Mindflash's fault. I also think this could be resolved by a bit of code digging, thanks to Lectora being so open to messing with its scripts.
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    Thanks Sergey.  I've got some development resources that I can tap on.  I'll bring them in on this and see if they can break through.  Of course, I'll share any findings with the Forum.

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    I opened a support request with Mindflash

    Request #107708
    Publishing Lectora SCORM content

    We are expecting a true or false return value for the LMSSetValue. I checked and that is in the SCORM 1.2 specification as well.
    http://xml.coverpages.org/SCORM-12-RunTimeEnv.pdf (see LMSSetValue)


    UPDATE: Mindflash said they currently are not able to support SCORM 1.2

    If you are using Mindflash and publishing to SCORM 1.2 using Lectora Online I am attaching a modified file you can replace in your SCORM zip file.