Multiple user course, run from a disc

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I figured I'd throw this out here and see if anyone has tried this before or has some ideas that would help. Any help is greatly appreciated!

So, I have to create a course (multiple courses actually) that "should" be SCORM compliant, but that at least needs to be able to run from a CD or off the hard drive in the meantime.

The requirement are:
- Needs to run from CD or off of hard drive (not installed)
- Needs to have quizing/testing
- Needs to be able to produce a certificate for the user
- Needs to support multiple users
- Each course will run from its own disc (hopefully this makes things easier since we're not dealing with multiple courses/statuses/completions, etc)
- Needs to be 508 compliant (I think there is some leeway in this requirement)

I think this is accomplish-able.... my fuzzy areas are:
- Can you write and store completion status on the hard drive for a user, and subsequently retrieve that data? Is it straightforward or require some tricky scripting?
- What is the easiest way to deal with the multiple users? Is there a way to prompt if someone is returning, or displaying a list of people that have started it, or starting a new user after a different user has already started and completed some of the course?

If anyone has some ideas or could help in any way, that would be awesome.
The rest of the course and structure and everything I can work with. My biggest gap is the data passing and data management.



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    You could try and build your own code for writing/reading results to disk but this is much harder than it sounds. System settings, security settings, browser issues, user incompetence etc etc etc - it will take a lot of work to deal with all of that.

    I know that Rustici Software offer an offline desktop scorm wrapper ( but I have not used it myself.
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    Hi AV-ator,

    I'm replying to follow this post because I too would like to know if there is a way to do what you are asking. Thanks for posting!

    I have done some of your requirements:
    -Run from CD or off of hard drive (not installed) - Though we found the courses ran better/faster when they were copied to the desktop.
    -Have quizzing/testing - that just reports a score at the end the the user prints out. I have not figured out a way to collect or report electronically outside of our LMS.
    -Produce a certificate for the user - that they printed out, with their name
    - Support multiple users - not sure what you meant... our course could be taken by multiple users. Quiz info was cleared when the course reloaded using the Action "ReSet Test/Survey" on the first Page Show. This posed a problem if people wanted to leave and come back, but our courses were short and we warned them not to leave.
    -Each course will run from its own disc - yes, see above
    – 508 compliant - yes, to the extent that we needed.

    I do not know a way to do what you are asking with the storing completion status.., have you explored Lectora's  Action "Send Email"? Maybe the quiz results can be emailed to someone?

    I'll continue to follow to see if someone else has an idea.
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    Thanks Sergey! I'll look into it. I'm getting some clarification on the exact requirements. The largest requirements right now is that it runs off of a disk or off the hard drive, tracks/evaluates the students, and provides a certificate upon successfully passing the evaluation. The unknown is whether the customer will want to be able to put this on their LMS at some point. So the CD/DVD version may not be required to be SCORM, but it would need to track and store completion statuses and whatnot like it was SCORM. I kinda figure without an LMS, you would need to write to the local computer to be able to track and retain variables and such. Have you done anything like this? From your response it sounded like maybe you've taken a stab at it at some point.

    Hi Deidre!

    Sounds like we're pretty close. Just some clarification on my multiple user thing. Mainly I was thinking that there might be multiple people taking the course from a single computer (i.e. 2-3 soldiers who have to share a laptop). Primarily, there should be 1 user per laptop, but the instance may arise that others need to share concurrently. You sort of alluded to what I was hoping to accomplish. If user 1 starts the course, finishes 1/2 of it, saves and exits. Can user 2 come in, take the course(partially or completely), and afterwards User 1 can go back and start where they left off? That's where my need to track and save statuses/variables/completion status comes in.
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    > without an LMS, you would need to write to the local computer to be able to track and retain variables and such
    Yes but how would you get reports from all those PC? You could ask every CO to go to those laptops, find some files and fill out a paper-based report (this is what I saw in one very big company that was running a network of nuclear plants.. entirely disconnected from internet for obvious reasons). But it is not a very XXI century way.

    I think you still need a central server and some degree of automation. E.g. teach a Lectora course to store everyone's grades and try to push them to a central server regularly. That can be achieved via Tin Can (known as xAPI now), which both Lectora and many LMS now support.

    Maybe you could convert the front page of the course into a "mini-LMS" that lists everyone who has taken that course, has a "try to send this to LMS" button and allows a new learner to identify themselves and take the course.