Changes imsmanifest settings within Lectora

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I have a requirement to modify some of the settings that are in the generated imsmanifest file when I publish a Lectora project (Lectora 12) to a SCORm 2004 package. I would like to add the changes (see below) inside Lectora (if possible) so that I do not have to manually modify the imsmanifest file after publishing.

Is that possible?

Parameters that I need to change:

1st Change:

Change schemaversion WAS 2004 3rd Edition, need it to be 2004 4th Edition

<schema>ADL SCORM</schema>
<schemaversion>2004 4th Edition</schemaversion>

2nd Change:

I need to add into the imsmanfest after the Second occurrence of the title new imsss:sequencing directions: (See New Bold items below)
<title>Second Title </title>
        <imsss:controlMode choice="false" flow="true"/>
        <imsss:deliveryControls completionSetByContent="true" objectiveSetByContent="true"/>



  • ssneg
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    I think the only way to achieve this is to publish a course, open the imsmanifest.xml in a text editor of your choice and replace the values manually.
  • iross7469
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    That is the only way that I know of also. I was hoping that somehow some of the stock SCORM content that makes up the imsmanifest was exposed within Lectora and could be modified by the end user.
  • klaatu
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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but if you take a look in the support files/dtd folder you will see the schema definition files (.xsd extension) lectora uses as the templates for the published ones. If you alter these (such as imsss_v1p0control.xsd and imsss_v1p0delivery.xsd) those changes will be carried over to subsequent published files of the same name.

    If you feel comfortable enough to poke around in these files make sure you make backups first. You can forever mess up the installation if you are not careful.

    Additionally, you can download the 2004 version 4 SCORM Manifest XML Schema files. Maybe, if you need these changes for all your projects, you can work with Trivantis support and update lectora's files with them.