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teufelskomet Community Member Posts: 7
Hello Community,

Snap Empower is my favorite Programm to create Tutorials.

The problem: one properitie of button is: "open  file" this will open an external file like *.pdf

Alle files are in the same folder. In the preview everything working well. Klick on the button and the pdf is open. In the published swf the path is lost. The published swf is in the same folder with all pdf files

Klick on nthe button in the published version leads to a window with the question "Where a the file?"

What is my mistake? Anything wrong with my publishing options?

Any idea?




  • ssneg
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    System security settings could forbid the browser to open local files. Try uploading the whole thing to a web server.
  • jvalley4735
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    If your placing the files onto a server or LMS I've found that going back into your course and calling up the location of the final resting place of the PDF can resolve issues.  Sometimes it's looking for objects on your C Drive which would no longer be accessible if you've moved them off your computer.