Finicky Test Results

(V12 )

I have custom test results that are not always displaying all of the questions and answers.   Any idea why this could be happening?


I have the settings to Show Test Results and use customized test results.

Test Results - All of the Show Questions options are marked off., Answers - both checked off.

Help. One time it works and the next time it doesn't. It's really frustrating.



  • jvalley4735
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    Are you previewing the test results in one the preview modes in Lectora or running it in HTML or in your LMS?  If your doing the first part I would suggest testing it in HTML or your LMS.
  • dwarman
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    I submitted a question like this a few months back...basically we had a 50 question test and used customized results as well, but when the student submitted the test, you couldn't see questions 47 - 50.  The page didn't adjust to the size needed to see all the questions and they couldn't see the OK or PRINT button at the bottom which is included in the footer.

    I was told it was a bug and Lectora was working a fix?  Not sure if they did anything with it for V16 as we've not moved to that version yet.

    To fix ours, we unchecked the "Show Correct Questions" under the CONTENT tab for the Test Results page and only checked "Show Incorrect Questions" and "Show Unanswered Questions" in the course.  It shortened the results to allow feedback and see all questions (incorrect ones, did not display the correct ones).

    Not sure if you can do that though so might have to see if Lectora has a fix yet for this issue.

  • jvalley4735
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    Here's an official statement I got from a member of our product teams:

    The customized test results in Lectora and Lectora online are a bit finicky, and frankly also have a few bugs we are aware of. However, instead of fixing the bugs against the current process, the product and development teams are actively working on redesigning the test results feature! We will be replacing both the "standard" test results and the custom test results with a new process. The new test results feature will include all of the current options available in customized results, as well as additional options to display results in the way that best works for your organization. This enhancement is scheduled to be included in the next feature releases (Lectora 16.1 and Lectora Online 3.1) which will be released in April/May.