Can't evaluate a quiz properly after updating to Lectora 12

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
I wonder if you have seen similar things. We have an old quiz developed in Lectora 10. The quiz randomly select 75 questions from 140 questions. We reopened with Lectora 12 saved and published.

Randomly but at a high percentage, Lectora completely unable able answer judge the quiz by giving the user 0% or 3% in score. I tested it multiple times but can't reproduce it.

Anyone has a solution to this other than develop it from scratch?






  • dwarman
    dwarman Community Member Posts: 46
    Hello...we too had this happen to several of our quizzes/tests when we moved to V12.  I could never figure it out and finally had to rebuild them in V12 to correct the issue.

    We have 35 in-residence type courses where we use online testing for final evals.  Not all did this but, those that did we had to recreate in V12.

    Hope you find a fix...took a bit of time to recreate those tests!
  • jvalley4735
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    It's probably a special character, extraneous space, or unintended return in one of the text boxes that is causing the error.  I would turn on formatting marks and remove any of these instances (paying special attention after sentences) from the question and answer text blocks.  This may help resolve the issue without having the recreate the course. Since we tend to not type or include extraneous spaces or unintended returns when recreating a course this is why it appears to fix the issue.

    If that doesn't work it could also be a memory issue.  Some browsers and computers (when set up to do so) will only accept a certain amount of data from a site at once.  With 75 questions you're asking the browser to hold onto the scoring information on all 75 until the course is complete.  This is quite harder to detect and takes some investigation into your settings to resolve.