Custom Test Results

I am trying to create a custom tests results page and whenever I select "inherit page size" the screen still shows the small version that it defaults to.  Why would it do this? I want to inherit objects from the parent page, but it doesn't look right because the screen size is wrong.  What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug in Lectora? I am running Version 12.


I ran into this issue before and got it to work, but can't remember how.


  • I have found out if I save and close out of Lectora and come back in it will show the page size correctly.


    Why does it do this?
  • jvalley4735
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    The system needs to refresh the page if changes are made because custom test results are considered to be an external HTML page.
  • donr
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    Interesting timing! I have a custom test results page -- it is a popup -- but it's not behaving correctly, and i wanted to edit the page size, but Lectora (Inpire 16) won't let me.

    Any ideas?

  • I just updated to Version 16 and I noticed it's grayed out. If I find a way I'll let you know. Seems silly they would eliminate that option.

  • I e-mailed support and this is what they said. Looks like that feature is gone and we would need to create our own pages.


    I apologize for the inconvenience.  The custom test results are not a traditional Lectora page.  We intend that customization be limited to what is available on the Content ribbon, and just changing background colors and font colors.

    Adding, removing, or modifying objects that exist on this page can cause the customized test results to not work properly.

    You can workaround this issue by creating your own results page.  Every question has the selected answers stored in the question's variable, so you can display that along with any other text that you want on the screen.
  • jvalley4735
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    Here's an official statement I got from a member of our product teams:

    The customized test results in Lectora and Lectora online are a bit finicky, and frankly also have a few bugs we are aware of. However, instead of fixing the bugs against the current process, the product and development teams are actively working on redesigning the test results feature! We will be replacing both the "standard" test results and the custom test results with a new process. The new test results feature will include all of the current options available in customized results, as well as additional options to display results in the way that best works for your organization. This enhancement is scheduled to be included in the next feature releases (Lectora 16.1 and Lectora Online 3.1) which will be released in April/May.
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    Try finding the item in your custom results that is at the bottom of the page.  Change the Y coordinate to be 500, for example, and check the box for Offset from Bottom.  This will force the Custom Test Results page size to be larger in height which should allow your content to fix.  You can then play with that 500 number to make the page an appropriate size for your needs.  I just had someone in our company approach me with this same issue.