Video not playing on iOS devices

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<span style="color: #333333; font-family: 'Georgia',serif;">Publishing a video to SCORM 1.2. Testing in SCORMCloud proves that MP4 video plays on iPad. Client uploads to Halogen LMS, video will not play on iOS devices. Any suggestions???</span>


  • jvalley4735
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    Does it display on the page at all? Is there a play button? If it doesn’t show at all it might be an issue with the LMS. Can you check to see if the LMS settings have the correct MIME types configured?
  • klaatu
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    This may not be the case here because you said it works off SCORMCloud but if your video is set to auto-play, it wont work on an iOS mobile device. According to Apple this is to "prevent the initiation of  unsolicited downloads over cellular networks at the owners expense."
  • heidi
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    Jennie - I did ask the LMS people to check the MIME type configuration. thank you

    Darrel - thanks for the response. Apparently it is working on some of the various iOS devices, but I am not sure of all the technical details. In Lectora we do not have the video set to auto start, and I'm aware of that issue on iOS devices. However, if an audio or video is set to auto play, wouldn't the iOS user just have to click it to play it or would the fact that it is set to auto play cause the whole media to break/not work? I can do some testing...but just curious.
  • timk
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    Usually iOS won't let you play media files without user interaction. In some of my courses I have the audio start on page show which will not work on iOS or Android but it does play if the users click / touch the play button.