Forcing TOC Status changes by an Action

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So a maybe simple one from me for a change.

I love the TOC ! Maybe not as much as Theodore and Samantha (lets see who get's that one) but it is still great and has made the life of all my developers so much easier.

I use the TOC but in this case I don't show pages in the TOC just Sections and SubSections.

In one chapter I have a few branching pages. (i.e if learner is in group A they see page A if they are in group B they see page B. So that means while the learner sees all their required content they don't see every page in the chapter.


I want the icon shown in the TOC to change for that chapter to the Completed Icon. It will befuddle the learners a chapter is not ticked off.

Is it possible to set a Chapter as complete ? Can I use an action to do this?

Any ways would be a great trick.

Thanks for you help !


  • jvalley4735
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    Yes it can!  By adding an action to any of the final pages in the chapter you can set it as complete.  Simply add on page show set completion status to complete.  By changing your options on what is visible in the Table of Contents you can show the entire course, certain chapters or certain sections.
  • towers9815
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    That's great. Thanks for than. That was super easy but I wrote up the steps anyways:

    1. Select last page in the Chapter

    2. On the Ribbon select Add Action

    3. Set the action to On Show

    4. On the Ribbon from the Action and Target select Set Completion Status from the drop-down.

    5. Set the Target as This Chapter and set the Status to Completed.

    6. Don't forget to Error check and Save.

    Its all working good for me.