Warning pop-up when someone logs in with same account

I share my login credentials with a colleague. While I am working on a course at the office, he logs in at home. *poof* I am logged out (and my latest progress isn't saved).

Although the loss of my last work isn't such a big deal with the autosave option set to 1 minute, it's mostly annoying that I am suddenly logged out without any warning. The easiest answer is propably 'add another account to your LO organization', but I would like to see a pop-up or other type of warning when this happens.


  • wheels
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    This issue came up before with a little different scenario.

    We are currently thinking about putting up a message before we let the second session start that will ask the new login if they want to proceed and log off the current session.

    At least with this feature if your "second" account user is respectful they will contact you before booting you out.

    I thought Lectora Online does give you a message if you are logged out, saying that another user used your credentials to sign on, is that not what you are seeing?

  • avanneer9353
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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reaction.

    Indeed, I get to see a pop-up saying somebody else logged in. The other way around would be nice; just a simple heads up that somebody else is already logged in with the same credentials sounds like a step in the right direction. The rest is up to us. Any idea when this might be realised?
  • towers9815
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    Yep this would be of great to use to me too !