xml import of data into lectora 16

pfroc5254 Community Member Posts: 1

Has anybody been successful at importing an XML file as a source file for importing data into Lectora 16?





  • ssneg
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    What kind of data are you referring to? Lectora's files (.AWT) are just that, plain well-formatted XML, only under a different file extension. So when you import a AWT file into Lectora Online, you are in fact importing XML.

    Or did you mean something else?
  • towers9815
    towers9815 Community Member Posts: 72
    Perhaps I was thinking of something similar.

    Could I create my script (title, body and such ) and write it up in a custom tool then export that as XML?

    Then just import this XML right into Lectora ?
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    If you create a xml in a custom tool..make sure all elements are named properly conforming to Trivantis xml-setup.. change the extension from xml to awt.. you can open that file in Lectora and it works.

    Best way of getting started with this... create a simple awt in Lectora. Save that, close lectora...change the extension of the awt to xml...and you can read and check the file.
    Then you can make your custom tool generate xml that is conforming to the sample you created. Check for unique ids and other elements in the awt/xml and make sure your custom tool generates it like this. That will work.

    Big plus of this approach is you can choose the htmlnames for objects you want. No need to use the Trivantis naming there, cause it will work with your custom names as well.