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Can someone better explain Overrides in Lectora 16? The way they are worded makes it difficult to know if it's doing what I want it to.


  • jvalley4735
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    Overrides in Lectora 16 and Lectora Online 3, are a way to change an object's position and/or size from the desktop view (parent) to appear differently on a tablet or mobile device. It's typically used to rearrange a page's layout from one device to another. To use the override feature you select an object in tablet or mobile view and change the objects position or size (either by dragging or changing the settings in the Position & Size properties menu). Once you adjust the settings the object's handles/adorners will be the color of the device (green for tablet, orange for mobile) letting you know visually that an override is in place.  As soon as you preview a course in the tablet or mobile view you'll see the object in the new placement/size.

    Does that make sense?  What did you want it to do?
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    Well that was helpful, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Because the layout of the content changes so much, or the real-estate gets smaller on the phone view, I wanted to add pages or textboxes to the phone view of the course without adding them on the normal computer view. Or if I can't add them, edit the text in the specific box, without changing the text on the other views. But it's not like I can add a textbox to the phone view and then uninherit it from the same computer page. Or uninherit or hide a page on the computer view, I can remove it from the menu but not the course itself.


    I wanted to add a page specific to the phone view about how the navigation would work on the phone view as apposed to the computer view. I'm sorry if this is at all confusing, I'm trying to figure out the language for the L16 version of views.
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    Not 100% sure if i get what you are trying to achieve... But maybe these ideas help you somehow..

    - use a verically large or endless page. That way you can set the textbox(es) on mobile smaller and all will flow

    - use javascript to split yor text. Create 1 invisible textbox to put your text data in. Read that with javascript. Create as many empty textboxes in each view.. Depending on view fill the emptyboxes with parts of the data from the invisible box.

  • ssneg
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    While you cannot delete or uninherit an object from one view in another (e.g. you have a big photo in Desktop view and you don't need it in Mobile view), you can simply move the object off page (left or right) when you don't need it. It'll stay front and center in the Desktop view while mobile users won't see it.