HELP ME OUT: Slider jQuery Mobile devices

jurg Community Member Posts: 28
Hi developers, I ve created a neat slider based on the tutorial of Sergey Snegirev. Using jQuery.

Unfortunatebly this slider does not work on mobile devices (IOS Android). Can anyone help me out?

Found furf, but I don't know where to add this and or modify...

See attachment for current slider page.


  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    try adding:



    Between script tags, of course. I left them out above because the browser will interpret them as a script tag and doesn't show correctly on the screen.
  • jurg
    jurg Community Member Posts: 28
    Hi Darrel,

    Thanks a lot. It was actually very simple; I was thinking way to complicated because of the steps of furf. Indeed, you just have to add the script as meta tags.

    Works fine on android as well as IOS.