AU missing a Scored Test or Modify Variable Action

john-sungail Community Member Posts: 6
When I run a SCORM check, Lectora displays the follow error message: "Assignable unit is missing a scored Test or a Modify variable action for either AICC_Lesson_Status or AICC_Score". At the end of each AU, I have a test. I believe I'm supposed to end the AU and mark each test as completed; however, I'm lost on how to do both of these tasks.


  • timk
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    A test will usually set the Scorm variables automatically but only if it's scored, i.e. graded. Open the "Results" tab of your tests and make sure "Grade the test" is checked. You'll have to define a "Lowest passing score". Lectora will then set "AICC_Score" to the tests score and set "AICC_Lesson_Status" to "completed" if the test was passed.

    If that's not working or if you don't want the test to be scored, i.e. to be a prerequisite for completing the AU you can use actions to define the score and the completion status yourself. A very basic way to do that, would be to add two actions to the last page of the AU:

    On: Show
    Action: Modify variableTarget: AICC_Lesson_Status
    Value: completed (the value your LMS requires to mark the AU as "done")

    On: Show
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Score
    Value: 100

    When a user reaches this page the AU will be completed with a score of 100 (%).

  • john-sungail
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    Thanks, Tim. I added both actions to the last page and it removed my SCORM error.
  • jscarbrough2582
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    I just received an update to Lectora to V17.0.5.

    I am getting the same error and I have both the Modify Variables set for Scorm 2004, AICC_Lesson_status set equal to Completed and AICC_Score set equal to 100.

    And I republish and the error doesn't go away.  I continue to get the same error.  I have checked that I am republishing all pages.

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated!