Not able to add multiple progress bars in a course?

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I must be doing something wrong.

So, I have a course with 3 chapters in it. I want to have a progress bar that shows the user their progress in whichever chapter they are in.  I can't add the progress bar at the course level, because it only gives the options to calculate it with the entire course.

That said, I add one to each chapter, set it to a Table of Contents layout and for the scope, use "For this Chapter"

Easy. Works fine. But when you either copy that progress bar to another chapter, or insert a new one, configure it the same to that chapter, when you publish, it doesn't work.

It appears that you are only able to have one progress bar per course.

Can that be correct? It seems like I must be doing something wrong - this can't be on purpose.

Thanks All!

Joe in Atlanta


  • jvalley4735
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    Hey Joe in Atlanta! Jennie in Bowling Green here to help.  It sounds like something isn't right with your setup.  You should be able to add multiple progress bars within one course.  It might be that you're reusing the same variable too many times and it's trying to recall information that's already happened or that you don't have it set up to remember where you were in the course. Can you share your course files so I can take a look at what you're doing?  If you're not comfortable attaching them here as a zipped file you're more then welcome to email it to me at [email protected]  I won't share your files with anyone other than a support or development employee if I need help resolving the issue.
  • timk
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    I just tested with more than one progress bar. It seems you shouldn't copy a progress bar but always create a new one. If you copy it, Lectora won't create a new variable, so both progress bar seem to be refering to "ProgressBar_0001".