Lectora 16 RCD Bug: Table Widths

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I am converting a Lectora 12 title to a responsive one. The PC view contains text boxes, included one with a table created in Lectora. No change needed on horizontal tablet. At horizontal phone, the text box containing the table scaled down, but the table inside stayed the original height and width. I reduced the width of the table to fit the phone. The change is being inherited in all other views. When I fix it at PC view and then have to resize the table in phone  portrait, the table is again resized on the PC view.

In addition, when I resized the table in horizontal phone view, I scaled the font size down from 12 pt to 11 pt. When I double-click on the table to reduce the width, the font and table revert to the original size, and then I can't easily tell if the table will fit on the page.

PS: The screenshots show bullets organized in a table. Pretend the table has other content. I am testing the conversion process, and we will be using tables for other content.


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    When you view the text box position and size details can you tell me (or show with a picture) if the position is blue, green, or orange when you view it for PC, phone, and tablet?  The labels specifically spell out if the properties are being overridden correctly.

    Blue label : the property is overridable, but has not been overridden. It is receiving
    standard RCD inheritance.

    Green label : the property is overridable and has been overridden on the tablet. Changes to this property on the desktop view will not be applied on the tablet or phone.

    Orange label : the property is overridable and has been overridden on the phone. Changes to this property on the desktop or tablet will not be applied on the phone.

    If possible, a copy of your files would be helpful. If you're not comfortable sharing them publicly please feel free to email them to me at [email protected]
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    Hi Jennifer. I sent you the files. Did you receive them?
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    Hi Jennifer,

    Is there any updates on this? I am trying to convert my course v11.3 to 16 and facing same issue.



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    Has this been corrected in Lectora 17.1? I'm having the same issue. My text boxes are orange.