Lectora 12.1.4 and the iPad mini

kineouk Community Member Posts: 28
I’m building a course in Lectora 12 to work on Desktop, iPad and iPad mini (iPad mini 1, version 8.4). I am using the standard Lectora page size to work on desktop and tablet, 1009 * 662.

The course uses a lot of transitions to animate in PNGs to take the user through scenarios. It works great on desktop and iPad. However on the iPad mini the transitioned PNG’s seem to leave a trail of white lines throughout. See attached.

The transitions used are fade, fly and float. It may also be a case textboxes are causing these white lines but it’s hard to tell. I tried publishing from Lectora 16 to see if this fixed it, but the course ran so slow and still had these lines in, so no such luck.

Ive emailed Trivantis support but anyone seen this error before and know a fix by any chance?