How to pass Raptivity Score or Status to Lectora 16?

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I have searched endlessly on this and cannot come up with the answer I need. This is what I have found:

I can publish in HTML5 with Javascript tracking in Raptivity and it provides the following variables which are intended "to be used in authoring tools which support JavaScript tracking" :
  1. raptivity_completionStatus
  2. raptivity_score
  3. raptivity_result
  4. raptivity_maxscore
I am interested in the first two--passing either Status or Score to Lectora so I can control what happens next for the user. I do NOT know how to write javascript. My questions:
  1. Is the Javascript tracking the right way to go here? The only other options for tracking when you publish in Raptivity are SCORM and AICC-neither seemed appropriate, but maybe I'm missing something.
  2. If so--how should it be implemented? I have taken some introductory Javascript classes, so its not totally foreign to me, but I need expert advice here.
I just don't always have the time to build things from scratch in Lectora and since I have Raptivity, I want to maximize its use--if I can just solve this one issue. I use ELearning Brothers tools too--but I want as many options as possible with the tools I have (Raptivity, Lectora).



  • klaatu
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    You can pass JavaScript variables to and from Lectora. If you can you post an example of a Raptivity interaction I will see how to get it working in Lectora. Also, please provide an example of what you want the user to be able to do next.
  • mnotermans5114
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    Generally speaking this is the way to go to get a variable from Lectora.

    var incomingScore = Varraptivity_score.getValue();

    //And test if you received it:
    alert("see if i get my score: "+incomingScore );
  • timk
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    Or the other way round, if you want to get one of those variables into a Lectora variable, create a variable in Lectora (e.g. rapScore) and "Run javascript":



  • jkisom
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    Thank you all for your response! Tim K--your instructions were exactly what I needed. Worked perfectly. Thank you!!