trying to publish - invalid user ID?

awaid9938 Community Member Posts: 9 ☆ Roadie ☆
I'm trying to publish a new course to coursemill that I made using Lectora 16.  When I attempt to do this, it tells me I have an "Invalid User ID entered." on the "CourseMill Options" tab.  I checked everything and the ID and password are correct.  Is this a problem for anyone else?  Any solutions?


  • Do you have a test environment that you upload to as well? If so make sure that the path you are publishing to for CourseMill is the correct environment.  We have both set up and I get that error if I am trying to publish to my test environment but the path is pointing to production.  I use separate logins for each environment.

    Found under file- lectora preferences - Coursemill  - Make sure the host location is pointing to the correct location .