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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum, and to creating eLearning in general.  I've just created my first course and I've used hotspots quite a lot.  What I mean by that is transparent or semi-transparent rectangles that a user can click on to progress (e.g. a transparent rectangle over part of a screenshot to simulate pressing a button, or a red semi-transparent rectangle over part of a screenshot that you can click on to reveal information about that area).

The problem I'm having, is that when you hover your cursor over the hotspot, a tooltip appears with the name of the item (I tend to have a formulaic naming convention, so it's usually something like "Hotspot 3").  Is there any way to disable the tooltip from an item, or rename the tooltip?


  • timk
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    The tooltip contains the name of the object in Lectora, so if you wanted to show the tooltip you'd have to give the button a proper name. You can deactivate the tooltips for a single object by checking "Empty ALT tag" in the buttons properties. You can deactivate all tooltips by unchecking "Create ALT tags for images and button" in the html options during publication.

  • jgauci1481
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    Thanks Tim,

    That's a shame there isn't a field to add in your own ALT Text.  I was hoping that the shape description might contain the answer.
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    Alt tags are driven by what's in the Name field so if you'd like to control the description and leave the alt tag functionality on you can update this field to whatever you see fit.
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    Joseph, if you want to have custom tool tips for any object check out jQueryUI. See attached (.awt also in zip file).