Progressbar for test result - not working yet...

dynamind Community Member Posts: 9
I try to connect the test results of a quiz to a progressbar.

I chose "custom" and associated it with the "Test_1_Score" variable but nothing is happening.

The variable "Test_1_Score" seems to stay at value "zero". I also tried a result sentence on the last page with "You had XX%" using Test_1_Score but the value of the variable was always zero.

I have the strong feeling i might have overlooked something important...


  • dynamind
    dynamind Community Member Posts: 9
    Update: does the Test_1_Score variable only count result points when the test ist processed?

    Do i need this method to use the progressbar in this case? (some things could really be better documented in lectora...)
  • timk
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    To receive a result you have to "Process Test / Survey". If you have a randomized test it's processed automatically when clicking "Next" on the last test page. If it's not randomized you'll have to add the "process test / survey" to the next button or any other button (That's why Lectora adds a "Last Test Page" with a "Done" button when adding a test.) Only then the user will be directed to the pages defined under "On Completed / Passed" and "On Cancelled / Failed".

    Test_1_Score contains the test score as %, e.g. "80". The custom progress bar uses "Range" and "Step Size". It should be possible to use it to visualize the score if it has a range of "100" and a Step Size of "1". The page with the progress bar must be outside the test, i.e. after processing the test.

  • dynamind
    dynamind Community Member Posts: 9
    @Tim: Thank you for your answer! That makes it a lot clearer and explains why it didn't work...