How to connect action with javascript?

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Hello,  how can I attach an action to javascript in Lectora?

For example I would like a user to click on each step in accordion before showing next img or button. Or when they check out a carousel to have an img popping out for each step.




  • klaatu
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    I'm not sure I understand what you are looking to do. Can you provide a sample of what you are working on and explain how you want it to function? Variables can be passed back and forth between JavaScript and Lectora.
  • jvalley4735
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    You can add an action to an item and then request that it run a javascript code.  Is that what you mean?
  • mkia
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    I attached the sample of what I'm working on...

    I have the accordion and an img below, and I want img to be seen only after the user clicked on all fields in the accordion.



  • timk
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    1. Create a variable in Lectora, e.g. "allsectionsseen"

    2. Create an action group on Page 1 with one action

    Action: Show

    Target: Arrow_next

    Condition: Only if
    "allsectionsseen" contains "#accordion-1" AND
    "allsectionsseen" contains "#accordion-2" AND

    "allsectionsseen" contains "#accordion-3"

    3. Edit "Externe HTML-Objekte Code"

    Under the line "var currentAttrValue = jQuery(this).attr('href');"

    add two lines of code:


    Replace og99 with the html name of the action group created under 2.

  • mkia
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    that's it...great!!! thank you!!! <3!!