Can I apply custom line spacing to the entire title?

natparker Community Member Posts: 5
In IE 11, I remember having the option to set custom line spacing. I don't see that option anymore, though there is "at least." I want to use 1.15 line spacing, and I would like to set that spacing throughout the title instead of having to apply it at every paragraph. I don't see any option to set line spacing for the whole title -- is there a way to do this?



  • natparker
    natparker Community Member Posts: 5
    Sorry -- I used Multiple to set 1.15. I'd still like to be able to apply that spacing to the entire title.
  • klaatu
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    div p span{
    line-height: 3;

    Though I do not regularly recommend using meta-tags for CSS, you can insert an HTML external object, choose Meta tags and then in the edit box put in the above and all text inside Text Blocks will format to the line height you select (3 in the example).

    Note: I prefer adding an external CSS instead of using the Meta tags for this but since it is only one little style it will be easier than creating and adding a style sheet.

    Hope this helps.

  • natparker
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    Thanks -- I will try this today.