How to Fire an Action when a Move Action Completes

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I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get Lectora to fire an action or action group when a Move action completes?

For example say I have a text box in Lectora that slides in from off the screen. Is there any way to make a button go from hidden to shown as soon as the text box finishes sliding, and not before. Delaying the actions manually isn’t ideal as different sliding animations have different durations.


I plan on using this to fire JavaScript functions with specific timing if it makes a difference.


Any help on how I could do this or where I could find additional information would be greatly appreciated. I have access to both Lectora 11 and Lectora 12, though the project that this will be used in is being built in Lectora 12.


  • klaatu
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    Sounds like a job for GSAP.
    // Function created to show initially hidden button
    function myFunction(){ = "visible";
    // Variables created for button and box. Make sure you use the HTML Name in your project
    var btn = document.getElementById("button351");
    var box = document.getElementById("shape38");

    // GSAP Tween animates box from off screen and when movement is complete fires off function, 2, { x:600, onComplete:myFunction });

    See attached. The awt is inside zip too.

    Hope this helps.


  • mmackinnon2873
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    Thanks Darrel,

    I have used GreenSock before and was hoping to stay away from bringing in another external library. I was hoping that there would be a solution native to Lectora, but after talking with Trivantis Support it seems like it's just not something Lectora can do.