Twitter Bootstrap and Lectora

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Hello all,

Has anyone had any success using Twitter Bootstrap and Lectora together? I'm working on creating a responsive course and I wanted to try using Twitter Bootstrap. However, the course still does not resize to fit the viewport. For example, I created a navbar that is 100% of the screen size (which for my default happens to be 1009 px). So, when I resize the screen, I would expect that the navbar would reduce it's size (and eventually become a clickable menu button). It does ultimately resize, but instead of fitting the viewport, I have to scroll all the way to the right to see the clickable menu button.

I am part of the RCD Beta for Lectora 16 but I'm not exactly a huge fan of that so far. Has anyone else implemented any type of truly responsive solution using Lectora?


  • ssneg
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    Short answer: share your process and code. It is difficult to suggest anything without knowing anything about what you've done :)

    Longer answer: Lectora isn't about "truly responsive" solutions (and no authoring tools in its league are). In the RCD version you can, however, create multiple course layouts to fit different screens that will be further scaled up/down to fill the particular screen. Which in my opinion is more than enough for any corporate e-learning needs and helps e-learning developers who work with desktop/tablet/phone audience a lot. A "truly responsive" solution would be template-based (see any template-based SaaS authoring tool of which there are plenty) and wouldn't be able to support "from scratch" course creation. It would also most likely require quite a bit of HTML tinkering, which is always costly in real rapid development environment.