Errors when publishing to LMS

I have just finished creating my first Lectora course and I am ready to publish the course in my LMS (Cornerstone).  I published my course from Lectora to SCORM 1.2 as a zip file.  I then uploaded the zipped file to Cornerstone. It uploaded with "1 non-severe error".   It shows the information below about the error:

When I try to launch and play the course, it works perfectly....all the way through.  However, once completed, it does not track the time (course counter) nor does it mark the course "completed" in my LMS.  I'm guess that is where the error is effecting me. Please help.

<table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2">
<td class="tblhdr" colspan="7" align="left">Errors</td>
<td class="tblcolhdr" width="20%">Course</td>
<td class="tblcolhdr" width="20%">File</td>
<td class="tblcolhdr" width="25%">Path</td>
<td class="tblcolhdr" width="15%">Error Date</td>
<td class="tblcolhdr" width="10%">Severity</td>
<tr class="tblbgcolor1">
<td class="bodybold" valign="top"><span id="rptrErrors_ctl01_lblCourseTitle">Unknown</span></td>
<td class="body" valign="top">imsmanifest.xml</td>
<td class="body" valign="top"></td>
<td class="body" valign="top">11/20/2015 9:00:35 PM</td>
<td class="body" valign="top"><span id="rptrErrors_ctl01_lblErrorSeverity">Warning</span></td>
<tr class="tablerollover">
<td class="body" colspan="7" valign="top"><span class="bodybold">Error:</span> Resource file's href/URL is empty for R_146_146</td>


  • kineouk
    kineouk Community Member Posts: 28
    Hi Jennifer,

    This was posted a while ago so you may have fixed this already. If not, just going off the information you have provided, the value of AICC_Lesson_Status needs to be set to 'Completed' for it to track as done, not 'completed'. There may be other values for this variable that work, but certainly 'Completed' does.

    Hope this helps.