Lectora 12 with LRS using xAPI 1.0.1

acorbett3701 Community Member Posts: 14
I am using Lectora's (12.1.4) xAPI feature and have successfully submitted xAPI statements to SCORM Cloud's LRS.

I am now transitioning to an LRS that apparently is expecting xAPI version 1.0.1 instead of v1.0 and I cannot successfully communicate with this LRS.  Login is successful, but statements are rejected because the version specified in the request header is 1.0, instead of 1.0.1.

Has anyone else run into this problem, or have a suggested solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



  • acorbett3701
    acorbett3701 Community Member Posts: 14
    I've found the cause of this problem...  The xAPI version string must exactly match one of the version strings the LRS is configured to accept.  Because Lectora is sending version "1.0", but this particular LRS is expecting "1.0.0", an error was returned.  I've gotten the strings to match up by editing the tincanfunctions.js file.  That's just a work around until I get the LRS vendor to change their config to accept "1.0".

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