Change "Report interaction data" setting in Published Files?

We are migrating content from SumTotal to SuccessFactors and have experienced LMSSetValue errors because "Report test/survey question interaction to the LMS" was always checked.  If we have the source files we just uncheck and republish--everything works fine.

However, we are having trouble locating source files for some lessons (people left the company, etc.)

Is there a way to change the setting for "Report test/survey question interaction" in imsmanifest?  Or other published file(s)?

We're publishing to SCORM 1.2.



  • ssneg
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    I think if you open the HTML file "a001titlemgr.html" in your course files and remove the line "<script src="trivantis-titlemgr-interact.js"></script>" from it, then the course won't be able to report interactions.
  • Thanks, Sergey!

    I had to improvise a bit because the course was published in Lectora 11.

    The good news is I am no longer getting LMSSetValue errors when closing the course.

    The bad news is I'm getting API adapter and API implementation warnings when the test results are displayed.

    I have attached a doc that shows the changes I made to a001titlemgr.html and screenshots of the two API messages.  Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!
  • dirk
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    It is probably of no use to you, but an LMS should be able to handle CMI.interactions get and put commands, even if they don't support CMI Interactions in a functional way. They are optional, but standard. I find it hard to believe that you should manipulate all your course sources. It's a bit the world turned upside down. Why other do we have LMS / CMI standards ...

    Are you sure this cannot be solved bij your LMS vendor?
  • Thanks, Dirk.  I'll look into it.  We just migrated to Succes Factors and have bigger fires to put out.  But I'll see if something can be modified from their end.
  • klaatu
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    Betty, I'm curious what is the original error wording you were getting that made you re-publish?