LMSSetValue Error


I keep on getting this error message when I upload SCORM files to LMS: LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.lesson_location to [a001_cover.html]Not initialized

Does anyone know what the cause is and how I can fix it?


  • jvalley4735
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    Thanks for commenting Adriana and my apologies for not responded quicker. Can you provide me with some more information like the LMS that your using, version of Lectora your running and if the course is opening in a new window?  From what I'm told the error message is an initialization error that happens when the LMS cannot determine if the course has truly ran the function to initialize the course.
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    Hi Jennifer, thanks for getting back to me. I am using Docebo E-learning. LOVE LOVE the user friendliness of the LMS, there is just 2 errors that I keep on experiencing and they say it is something I'm doing wrong in Lectora. I did not get this error on SCORM Cloud. I'm on version 11.3 in Lectora. The course is not opening a new window, even though I told it to when publishing to SCORM. I have so much to learn still and these errors drive me nuts, cause I don't know how to fix them. I always know how to fix something, lol.
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    If you have definitely set the course to 'Launch course in seperate window from the LMS' then more than likely they are not setting it to open in a new window from the LMS. I have experienced this before where a client didn't know they had to select this option. Only watching them upload to the LMS did I know for sure they were doing it wrong.

    You can see the steps here for the Docebo LMS - you have to specify how the course is launched from the LMS i.e. a New Window.

    Might not be the issue, but hopefully it is, as it's an easy fix.


  • adriana7707
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    Thanks Mark, you are my HERO! It worked.