Lectora 11 won't deactivate

adriana7707 Community Member Posts: 34
Hi all, I need some help. I uninstalled Lectora 11.3 on on PC and it deactivated the serial key. Installed it onto new pc and it worked, until I ran the updates. Then it told me users using serial key exceeded, but it is only installed on my PC. I then uninstalled it to redo the process differently, but it would deactivate the product. Does anyone know why this happens?


  • jvalley4735
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    Your Lectora license key can only be used on one computer at a time. If you need to re-install Lectora or move Lectora to another computer you must uninstall it from the current computer first. Use Add/Remove Programs within your Control Panel while connected to the Internet to uninstall Lectora. I also found it helpful to remove the Trivantis folder from my Program Files. When I use to help new employees install the program I always suggested they installed it as a trial and then added the license key later.  We were behind a lot of firewalls and it seemed to be the only way to get the authentication out without disrupting the download process.
  • adriana7707
    adriana7707 Community Member Posts: 34
    Thanks Jennifer, that is exactly what I did. It deactivated it from the old pc, installed it onto the new pc and it worked. Ran the service packs and then all of a sudden it told me the serial key has exceeded the number of users. I am the only user. I eventually got through to support and they had to release the serial key. Strangest thing. It is working now.