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Does anyone have an alternative for placing and syncing audio events other than using the audio editor built into lectora? My audio editor never works. It either crashes or just spins and never loads. I have contacted support multiple times and they can't replicate my issue so they gave up. I have tried re-installing lectora and changing my codec to no avail. I have also tried the audio editor on every different machine I have available at work and it has never worked. Does anyone know of a better solution for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Thanks for posting @zcypert.  I'm curious as to why the audio editor would crash.  What file type and size video are you adding? What version are you running?

    If you're looking for an alternative you could place a timer on the page that corresponds to the video length.  Like if supportive text is suppose to appear at five mintues add an on show action with a delay of 5 minutes? That's the first thing that I could think of but I'll ask around as well.
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm not sure what causes the crash, it only happens sometimes. My video are all fine because I do all my editing in Final Cut or Premier. Its my audio files, I have tried WAV, MP3, and basically every format I can export from audacity and nothing has worked. None of my files are big, they are usually under 20mb.

    I have tried placing a timer on the page but the problem is sometimes the audio takes longer to load for some of my end users with slow internet connections. Then the audio is out of sync with what is happening on the page. Thanks for the reply though.

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    It would be helpful if the Trivantis guys shed some light on the events format. As far as I can see, the events are stored both in the AWT file and in the MP3 file. Adding events adds a few bytes to the mp3 file header but I'm not sure of its format. It isn't recognized by mp3 tag readers that I have.
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    The events are pretty unique to Lectora, we create our own tag type and embed the data in.

    The good news is we have on our short list to change the way we add events and not require the audio/video editors to add events to media. The edits will be made without ever leaving Lectora. The bad news is that feature is not going to make the list for next months release.

    For the mean time, have you sent your mp3 files directly to support? I would think they would be able to reproduce the issue if they had the source files. It would then get sent directly to development for us to look at and fix ASAP.
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    That's awesome news John!

    I have sent my MP3's to support and they first told me to download a codec pack that the sent me a link to. It still didn't work. Support even tried sending me back MP3's that worked on their end. I was able to open the Audio Editor without it crashing but no waveform appeared and I could not play it through the Audio Editor. I worked with support for a long time to try and solve this issue, I am not trying to dog them. They tried everything they could do and have been great with other issues I have had. I am on a government computer so my only thought is that it could be a conflict with either the key logger, the ada client or the firewall I am behind.