How do I use CM Mobile?

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I received credentials for my CM trial and I can log in as admin and as student. I understand how to load up courses and there are a few already preloaded (nice touch!). My question is: how do I access CM via CM Mobile app?

I've downloaded the app and it is asking me for a code. Where/how do I get the code?



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    Hi Sergey,

    I spoke with one of our CourseMill people to ask about your trial. She told me that you are signed up for a CourseMill trial, but not CourseMill Mobile. The server that allows the Mobile access is a different server. Our person who would need to set you up with that is out of the office until Monday. I will let him know that you are interested though, if you like, and put you in touch with him.
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  • Each User is assigned a unique Mobile Access code allowing the Mobile server to communicate with the individual's mobile device(s). This can be accomplished using either a batch or complete User by User. In your case just go into Manage Users while logged in as an Admin. Select the User to set as Mobile. On the Access tab check the box for Mobile and Save. This will generate the Mobile Access code you are required to use in the device app.

    One note, make sure you use the User's email address as their UserID and when building Courses please include a unique Course Title. Typically for the titles we recommend using the OrgID as a prefix in each title.

    Let me know if you have additional questions. Be glad to jump on a GoToMeeting with you.