Is anyone experiencing issues with Lectora Online 3.0?

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I was really looking forward to the new version of Lectora Online and its new features. However, it seems that the newly released version is very unstable. The changes should only go from desktop to tablet to phone, but not upwards. In the past few days, there have been numerous times when changes that I made to the phone affected the desktop view and it took 3-5 (or more) tries before everything worked properly. Also, there are a lot of times when my changes do not save from session to session, and sometimes even during the sessions: if I go back to pages that were finalized and saved, part of the elements on the page have shifted their position, and I have to re-adjust them. The software responds very slowly to a lot of the commands, and saving changes takes a very long time. Changing font characteristics does not always work from the start (e.g. bolding text is not applied, even though it shows it is active). With the slowness and the instability that I am currently encountering, it takes me at least double the time to do my work.

Trivantis Team, I would really appreciate if you would look into these issues and fix them.





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    If possible I would put together a screencapture or recording of the issues you are experiencing and forward them over to our support team. The things you are describing definitely don't seem normal and would be something we would want to look into further.

    Support or the little blue button over to the right.

    Sorry you are having issues but we'll get to the bottom of it!

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    I am also experiencing problems, but mostly with functionality.  My go to next actions on objects (not buttons) are not working and when previewing in ReviewLink my audio players are not working or kicking off actions as they are supposed to.  This was just from the upgrade and publishing - i have not done anything new but text changes in 3.0

    I have not tried anything on a mobile device, but I will echo that saving and actions are slow.
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    @ engagingu please email [email protected] and tell them the name of the title and tell them the specific issues you are seeing, ask them to pass the info along to the development team.

    We did fix the saving changes issue which is identified in the first post.  If you are still seeing that issue, try clearing your browser cache. If you still see any issues report them to support.

    We do know of some slowness with responsive titles but overall we were not expecting much of a change for existing users.  Please report if something is slow or not working how you would expect by clicking the Send Feedback link (on the help drop list, which is to the top right inside the Lectora Online dashboard).  Our team is actively working on any issues that come in.

    - Joe

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    I wanted to mention that after the saving issue was fixed, the slowness went away. Thank you, Trivantis team, for all the work you put into fixing the issues that come up.
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    Thanks for taking the time to report and find reproducible scenarios. Makes the job of fixing them much easier :)

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    I'm experiencing issues bolding and unbolding text. I can italicize and underline just fine. It's just the Bold feature.