Permissions and roles to improve work flow in ReviewLink

pthomas1378 Community Member Posts: 32
To help facilitate what I’m proposing, I’m going to utilize a real world situation.

As the Instructional System Specialist (ISS), I oversee the writing and management of the course. The Visual Information Specialist (VIS) is charged with development of the course (building the course in Lectora). The VIS is the one who publishes the course to Reviewlink and I identify the reviewers that should be included. I request that the publisher setup the review so each reviewer cannot see the comments made by other reviewers. That way I can see how many people might feel the same way about a page without them being influenced by others' comments. In short, if only one person makes the comment I’ll take it into consideration, but if multiple reviewers make the comment, then I know the content has an issue. (Keep this in mind; we'll come back to this concept.)

When working with a customer (utilizing the word "customer" to define the person/agency that we are developing the course for), I need to coordinate with the primary POC for some of the changes since they have the potential to change the meaning or intent of the instruction on a particular page.

In this instance, I have eleven reviewers, one of which is the POC. There is no option for me to independently allow the POC to see the comments of the other reviewers while they remain hidden from others. Additionally, there is no method for me as the ISS to identify if a comment is valid (meaning that I find that the comment they made should be acted upon). Currently the only options are Fixed or Archived and those are only for the Publisher.

With all that said, I think it would be nice if ReviewLink would:

1. Allow the assignment of roles – this would allow the ability to identify some reviewers as holding special permissions to approve comments. For this example, the POC could be assigned the role to review the comments and identify the ones that he feels need to be acted upon. As the ISS, I then know I’ll need to address the content on the page.

2. Allow the tasking of comments to those with roles. I simply don’t want the POC to have to review all the comments, that’s my job as the ISS. For those few comments that might be a grey area, I can task the POC to review the comment and allow them to approve or disapprove to comment letting me know if I need to take action on it.

3. Assign project coordinator. The VIS is publishing the course, so I don’t have access or permissions that the publisher has. The project manager/ISS should have the ability to add/delete reviewers, assign roles, approve or reject comments, etc.. everything short of publishing new content.

This is only a small concept of implementing roles/permission.

In summery, the VIS would publish the course and assign me as the Manager/ISS/Lead (what ever term you like) and I would then invite reviewers and assign one or more of them the ability to be a master reviewer (pick a term that you like) that would get assignments from the ISS to review certain comments and identify if action would need to be taken.

I hope I made this clear…