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I want to keep track of items clicked on page. I am making the layout for my developers.

So there are up to 8 Clickable items on the Page (A, B, C, D). And Pages have numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

When a learner clicks on an item they more information and tick appears.

Currently on each button there is custom action that writes to a variable "ClickableClicked". It writes the PageNumber and the Clickable (A B C D etc).

So upon revisit the Tick should show.  So each tick has custom Action on Show Hide if "ClickableClicked" does not contain "1a".
The next tick would have Show Hide if "ClickableClicked" does not contain "1b". and so.

I want to save my developers the hassle of customization any actions. I believe using the layouts they should only really need to know two things: Copy and Paste.

So I was working on using a simple JS scrip to write the current page name + RecentClicked to the "ClickableClicked". Which is easy enough to do.

Are you with me so far?

So automated

On Each Clickable have two Actions

On MClk ModVar RecentClick = A or B or C or D....

On MClk Run Act_Grp Update Clickable Variable.

Action Group: Act_Grp Update Clickable Variable.


OnRun_RunJS_GetPageNum (JavaScript)
var pageName =Var_ShortPageNameforClicks.getValue();
var firstWord = pageName.split(" ")[0];


(This Would add the value of the clickable just clicked (A, B, C etc))

Now the snag is what about the tick ? What action/ variable could I use ?

Also could I forget this approach and use Status Indicators ? Shame they are only to pages.  What about Toggle/Show Hide. Is that retained between visits.


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    It sounds like you could use the preexisting action and variables for status indicators to get what you want accomplished with the least amount of resistance.  They can be used throughout the course.

    Here's a video series which was just updated:
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    Thanks for the guidance Jennifer,

    I do love the status indicators. These are extremely use for my site map  but status indicators are only page based. But they cant be used to see it learner has seen a group of objects on page.

    A page is completed by just viewing it. So a learner gets a completion status for viewing the page.

    Of course if they were able to get to the following page then they must have seen all items. But some of my developers might not want to lock the page so that idea wont work. (right)

    Upon revisit, how can we be sure what clickables they have clicked on ?  The Lectora variables are only to page level.

    You would need to create a custom variable for each page and then add to it for each clickable. Which is what I am trying to avoid doing.

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    You know thinking about it maybe this overly complex. Despite my want to group level status indicators I might need to let it go. (mustn't sing the frozen theme song).

    As the Developer of the layouts I think I will just hit back that page completion upon revisits is best.

    So that I will have an action group that will run on Page Show If This Page Completed.

    On Run Show Tick, On Run Show Tick b etc.

    This will mean no custom variables for each page nor for each clickable.

    Page Completed. (Although completed is really page visited, right?)

    Many thanks for you advice and help !