Import content from Lectora Inspire to Lectora Online

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I've done some work in Lectora Inspire and am trying to import this into Lectora Online.

Is this possible? I've tried exporting my Inspire project to a Lectora Online Package, however when I tried to import the title in Lectora Online I got this message:

"The package file you are trying to import was created with a version of the product that is not currently supported."

Any advice would be appreciated.




  • jvalley4735
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    The current versions are not compatible.  Moving to Lectora (Publisher/Inspire) v16 (coming soon) and Lectora Online 3 (out this weekend) will let you import and export content from one tool to the other.  There are a couple important things to note like Lectora Online currently doesn't support some features within Lectora Inspire like image customization (shadows, reflection, etc.) but most functionality will transfer over without an issue.  More information will be shared at v16's release.
  • ssneg
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    @jvalley4735 I am getting the same error message. PKG exported from Lectora 16.2 and imported into Lectora Online 3.1. What am I doing wrong?
  • monicae
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    I read this now in the FAQs:

    You can export titles created in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher and import them into Lectora Online, and vice versa. Lectora desktop 9 and later supports these features.

    Wondered if anyone had experienced any limitations with this?

    We are considering moving back to desktop Lectora from the Online version but have a lot of content developed with various versions of Lectora Online that we still need to update/ support.  Does anyone have any experience of working with online packages of various vintages in current desktop Lectora they could share?

    Thanks in anticipation.



  • jvalley4735
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    I haven't seen this error message yet so I'm going to do some asking around to see if there's a known issue, fix, or bug.
  • jvalley4735
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    This is a known issue (related to the wording on the site).  A fix should be coming out with the next release of LO which is scheduled for sometime this month.