"Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored" error in SAP


our client have had Lectora courses (Lectora 11) in SAP for a few years now. Recently they have reported that all courses have started to display message: „Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored“ on every single page. This happens also in courses that have been there before and didn't experience such problem.

I know that most likely it has something to do with SAP or whatever changes they might have implemented recently, but still I would like to know whether someone else have encountered this problem. And how could it be resolved. Otherwise all courses we have made are useless.

I have read on these forums that it has something to do with the variable suspend_data that stores course progress and other information. That this variable is too long. I don't think this is the problem, since it worked before. Courses are published as SCORM 1.2. I mean problem wouldn't be that we have exceeded the length of 4096 characters, but the problem might be that SAP won't take even that much. Could that happen? Or could Lectora generate longer variable, but it wouldn't get picked up by another LMS?

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you.


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    The question is, does the course still work as expected in terms of reporting and LMS communication? If everything works then it would be relatively easy to suppress that message. Just edit one of the JS files that handle SCORM communication. The error will still be there but the popup will be gone.

    As for the "suddenly appeared out of nowhere", could it be that the course was launched several times, adding to some variable (suspend data, most likely) on every launch until it finally exceeded the 4K limit?

    Generally, it would be helpful to see the logs of the communication between SCORM and SAP to understand what Lectora sends, what SAP can't store and what was sent/stored before the issue occurred.
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    Thanks. I have seen the advice to suppress a message, but unfortunately there are some issues with the course. Drag and drop doesn't work as it should. Although I don't see how these two things would be related, the fact is that we have asked our client to launch the same course in our testing LMS which is different and no message appeared and drag and drop worked correctly. So it seems that is is related after all.

    As for the sudden appearance of this problem, it suddenly appeared in all courses - even those that worked correctly before and it appeared one day, so it is very unlikely we would reach critical level with all of them (10+) at the same time. Besides some of them do not store anything but the course's progress.

    You are right though that logs might point us in the right direction. I will ask for them and hopefully they will provide them.
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    Our client has provided logs and we have found the problem - or at least we can see it, but we still don't know what's causing it. The problem is that the course sends a request to SAP to alter the suspend_data variable, which it gets confirmation for, but when Lectora checks the value (to be sure) - it didn't change.

    On top of that - it seems to happen randomly.

    I have attached the log. The problem is highlighted in yellow.
  • We have the same issue.  We use SAP LMS.  It seems the setValue does not work when called when answering a question or going to the next page in the course.  It does work when saving and exiting the course.

    The SCORM API does not return an error but when the lectora code checks whether the values have been updated they have not been.  We can only assume the backend system is failing to store the data.  We did have an issue with bookmarking data not being saved but this was fixed by applying an SAP note.

    I have attached a description of what happens in our system.
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    Thank you Chris. It sounds promising. If all information is stored when user closes the course then, I suppose, we could suppress the message. I don't like it much, because the problem isn't solved, it's just invisible. But on the other hand the faulty behavior seems not to affect the user almost at all (with the message off), so it might be the way to do it.

    For the drag and drop - it's surely related to the set-up IE10/11 vs. SAP, but not directly to this message. It is discussed in another issue: http://community.trivantis.com/forums/topic/drag-and-drop-activity-not-working-in-ie1011/ (for the people that haven't followed/seen this issue).