Fix List Items

sam-hill Community Member Posts: 8
I last fought with List items in Lectora X. I'm now in Lectora V12 having the same fight.

List items generate some weird HTML especially when you have nested lists. Lectora doesn't actually nest the list (probably not good for WCAG), but just indents a nested list further, but does not follow the HTML structure e.g
  • This is my item
    • Nested Item

I have had to use custom CSS to fix formatting issues overriding inline styles on ol, ul and li tags.

I was simply trying to achieve this:

1.List item #1
2.List item #2
• Nested list item #1
• Nested list item #2
3.List item #3
4.List item #4

Time taken in Lectora ~60 minutes. Time taken to hand code ~2 minutes.

These just seem broken.